If you are a Comcast or Verizon cable TV subscriber, then you’re also a member of our Franklin TV community.  (Bonus!) 
That means you have access.  You have an IN. 
Want to do something interesting?  Volunteer with us.
Volunteer?  Me?  What does that mean? 
What would you like it to mean?  Making TV programs is a collaborative effort, and there are many enjoyable ways to help out.  Why volunteer if you won’t enjoy it? 
At Franklin TV we rely heavily on volunteers to produce and cover many worthy local events.  Access centers like Franklin TV have members from all walks of life engaged in hands-on TV production.  Some individuals want to develop new skills in TV production.  Some have an interest in specific program topics and create much of the programming produced at access centers.  Parents of student athletes often produce and cover school games.  The League of Women Voters might cover a town meeting.  A town department might appoint a staff member to prepare information for a department program or service that needs publicizing.  Many access centers recruit college and high school interns to help produce programs. 
If you would like to help in the production of a program or cover a specific Franklin event, we have just two words for you. 
     "Thank you!"  (However, we say them a lot.)
Interested?  We would love to hear from you.  Call 508-541-4118.
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