FCCA, Franklin Community Cable access, Inc. (d/b/a Franklin TV) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization.  We provide three channels of local programming on cable TV; a Public Access channel, an Educational channel, and a Government channel.  All three channels (P/E/G) carry programs by, about and for Franklin and its residents. 
Our mission is simple. 
Make local TV happen. 
Make it easily and enjoyably accessible. 
Make it interesting. 
Make it matter. 
Make it something that George Stoney (1916-2012) would be proud of.
Who's George?  Merely the father of community TV.  He is why we exist.
Be it the big little league game, high school sports, the choral recital, the holiday parade, the local events, dedications and talk, the town meetings, the bully pulpit - it's all community. 
It's our community - Franklin - on our own local TV.
George and others worked to make all this possible.
Again, our mission is simple.
Follow George's lead.  Make local TV happen.  Get folks involved. 
Good on you, George.
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