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Welcome to TV in your own back yard; much of it created by your Franklin friends and neighbors.  Franklin.TV is the web home of FCCA, Inc., and the Franklin Community Cable Access TV Studio.
It's your TV gateway to all things Franklin. 
When you watch local TV you support local TV.  It’s just that simple.  When you take an interest, we matter.  When your Franklin friends and neighbors produce TV shows, having an audience – making a connection with others in town – means everything. 
Who knew that just by watching TV you would be doing something nice for someone else? 
You're giving someone two valuable gifts; your time and attention.
That’s how local TV works.  
That’s why local TV works. 
That’s why we always say, “Thanks for watching!”
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FTV V7 ~  Copyright 2013, Franklin TV.  All rights reserved.
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